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Welcome to the CoinCopy Affiliate Resources Page!

Here you will find everything you need to earn 40% recurring commissions on our $1,497/year evergreen promotion, AND get additional rewards for ALL affiliates!

+ Get Your Tier 2 Affiliate Link to get 10% of EVERY sale your downline makes... FOR LIFE!

We Offer A Lifetime Cookie! You'll get a commission of EVERY product your lead buys - even 10 years in the future!

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Congratulations And Welcome!

Thank you and congratulations on becoming a CoinCopy affiliate!

We’re excited to have you on board and we can’t wait for our partnership to grow. We’re confident that you will love the conversions you get from our funnels!

We’ve spent an enormous amount of time, energy, and money on our services, and now we’ve opened it to the public to promote!

Firstly, we believe it is important to let you know that we take your leads VERY seriously. This is NOT the kind of affiliate program where you make a big commission one time and you have to search for the next offer to promote. 

We’re out to make you (and ourselves) money month after month, year after year.

The services our company offers will grow, and with it will your commissions. Because as you know, we offer a LIFETIME cookie. Meaning that you’ll get 40% of EVERY purchase your leads makes in the future (including renewals).

While our company is based in The Netherlands, our team of veteran traders, ex hedge-fund employees & hi-tech professionals work from multiple time zones. We have a team of highly skilled traders & long-term investors on board with a combined experience of 83+ years.

This gives your leads an incredible advantage, because not only will they get extensive knowledge from multiple teams of professionals around the globe, they will also have someone looking out over their investments 24/7. This way we ensure your leads won’t miss out on any money-making opportunities that may arise.

We believe that our members are the best person to decide how to manage their money. We NEVER hold any of their money, and they remain in complete control of their funds at all times with maximum security. 

Our flagship product is the Daily Wealth-Builder Briefings. That’s also the main offer you will be promoting. Your leads will receive an extensive amount of value from us. Additionally, they receive several bonus services for free when purchasing through this funnel. These services your lead gets as a part of this offer can be bought on our website for several thousands of dollars.

I advise you to bookmark this page now because you will want to return to it frequently for copy and promotional assets. 

So… If you’d like to earn an extra $1,200, $12,000, or even $25,000 (or more…) per month simply by spreading the word about CoinCopy, explore the site now to get started.

And remember, we’re here for you!

All of the resources are available on this page, so all you need to do is send the traffic and reap the rewards.

Again, it is our pleasure to build and support a mutually beneficial relationship with you as one of our valued partners.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions you might have.

Thank you.

Check Out These Recent Metrics!

(Note that these figures do not represent an Affiliate’s profit, as they do not consider expenses incurred by an Affiliate in the promotion of his/her business.)

Avg. Cart Value:
Avg. Webinar Conversion:
Max. $ Per Sale**
Avg. $ Per Registrant*
Avg. Refund Rate:
< 7%
Avg. Att. Value*:

* The $ Per Registrant and Average Attendee Value below are based on what is important for you, which are Affiliate Commissions. In other words… these metrics are calculated based on YOUR 40% cut of each sale and NOT the overall price. Average Attendee includes follow-up and attendees of the replay.

** Max & Per Sale on first time purchase only.

About Our Service

We do everything in our power to ensure our members receive actual value from our service. We don’t just give our members a course and then let them try it out in the markets alone, but instead, we give them value every single day. Instead of giving them a Ferrari, we give them the Ferrari, the keys, and a qualified driver with years of experience to drive them around every single day. 

Currently, we offer all of our members that buy through our webinar (“Masterclass”) funnel, two ironclad guarantees. The first guarantee is an unconditional money-back guarantee. Nothing fancy there but it gives members the possibility to dip their toe in the waters – so to speak.

The second one, however, guarantees our members that their investment in us will be a profitable one. One way or the other. It simply states that if we can’t give them the chance to make at least 10 times (1,000%!) on their initial investment, they’ll get a second year for free and even get $100 deposited in their PayPal account, just for giving it a try. 

And we don’t just stop there with giving value. We have invested thousands of dollars in our support team to ensure your leads are well taken care of in moments of need. 

We also survey our members throughout their membership to find ways to better fit our service with their needs.

Your Potential Earnings:

(Click the image to enlarge)
Monthly Payment plans are paid to the affiliate on a month to month basis. The earnings potential that is mentioned is the total amount of commissions you will receive when all payments are made.

Here's What You're Leads Get:

When they purchase through our Webinar Promotion
Daily Wealth-Builder Briefings

​Your hands-on day-to-day service where my team of researchers are going to get you in on the ground floor of explosive opportunities in cryptocurrencies to amass a fast fortune for yourself, in a way that’s easier, quicker and, more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.

Price On Our Website:

(By Application Only)

Exponential Margin Profits
Want increased returns? Trading flexibility? Invest more while having limited cash on hand? With Exponential Margin Profits, you instantly harness the power of leveraged trading while still keeping your risks low. Our financial experts with a combined experience of 83+ years will keep you informed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you won’t miss out on the potentially life-changing trades without worry.

Price On Our Website:

(By Application Only)

Digital Currency Incubator
Deep-dive into the world of crypto, showing you exactly how to get started buying, using & selling cryptocurrencies.

Price On Our Website:

CoinCopy Portfolio Sniper
Receive up-to-date insight in our very own portfolio. Your portfolio, just like ours, is going to be bulletproof! And you will finally have the peace of mind you deserve.

Price On Our Website:

CoinCopy Executioner
3 Months access to our Executioner Bot. The bot will execute every recommendation we send out on auto-pilot. Our Programmers are currently testing the bot and you get access as soon as we go live. 

Price On Our Website:

VIP Concierge Service

You’ll get special treatment because you’re a part of the CoinCopy family, so I’ll make sure that you never have to wait in line to get you questions answered.

Price On Our Website:
Not Offered Publicly

Privilege Membership Card

I’m sending you your personal CoinCopy Privilege Membership Card. When you post your performance with a picture of the card you could receive free added time to your membership.

Price On Our Website:
Not Offered Publicly

Early Bird Mastermind Access
We’ll notify you first when we’re holding an in-person event so you will be able to claim your spot before anyone else.

Price On Our Website:
Not Offered Publicly

Exclusive Beta Tester Access
We’re constantly thinking of ways to help you as member to become financially free quicker, easier and more secure. Whenever we release a new service, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Price On Our Website:
Not Offered Publicly

Limited Deal For 50 People
I want to ensure your crypto is safe from hackers, that is why I’m shipping you a brand new Ledger Nano S Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet. ($ 59 value)

Price On Our Website:
Not Offered Publicly

Unadvertised Bonus
$5,000 Cruise Sweepstake: Every quarter this sweepstake gives you the chance to win an all-inclusive cruise valued at $5,000 for you and your loved one. You will be automatically re-entered every quarter.

Price On Our Website:
Not Offered Publicly

LIVE Attendance Bonus
Limited to just 50 People! I’m extending your subscription with an additional 6 months. That means you have my team of researchers helping you every step of the way to riches for at least 18 months.

Price On Our Website:
Not Offered Publicly

The Funnel That's Making You Money​

(Click the image to enlarge)

While the funnel above may seem straightforward, it certainly isn’t. 

Most of our funnel pages have multiple versions, that are specifically sent to people based on their interaction with our emails. 

For instance, somebody who already watched our live webinar but goes back to watch the replay will have a direct purchase button underneath the video. So when they scroll through the replay video they can purchase at any moment. 

After extensive testing, we’ve found that little things like that make an incredible boost in our overall conversions.

We also run multiple landing pages for re-marketing purposes, based on the type of ad they get to see.

And of course, we constantly split-test our pages to make sure they perform at their best.

Also.. we HATE fake scarcity…

Don’t you just hate those marketers who say they will close the cart, but never do? With those fake 15-minute countdown timers where nothing happens when the timer hits zero? Your leads aren’t dumb, so we think you shouldn’t treat them that way!

It’s also unethical to market like that, and in the end, will surely backfire on you as the affiliate.

But don’t sweat, here at CoinCopy, your leads are well taken care of, without them having the feeling that they got screwed when buying a “truly limited offer”, all while seeing the same offer again, and again… and again…

We only use ethical marketing techniques. Here’s just a couple of the methods we use:

Our Weekly Masterclass Beats The Panties Off of The Average "Evergreen" Funnel

Instead of sending people over to a “Live” webinar that runs every 15 minutes, our masterclass runs evergreen every single day at 4 PM Eastern Time.

We’ve found that webinars that run every few minutes/hours don’t nearly perform as well as the extensive funnel we’re currently using.

Basically, when your leads land on our landing page the masterclass starts the day after at 4 PM. 

Visitors who already visited our page but didn’t sign up for the masterclass and missed out will be shown a “registration closed” page, and are asked to join the waitlist. We can then promote the masterclass to them again in a few weeks through email.

Visitors that do register will go through a series of indoctrination videos until the masterclass itself, warming them up and breaking their false believes.

Example: A visitor that lands on our registration page on Wednesday can register for the next day’s event. A visitor that lands on our registration page on Thursday evening will be able to register for the next event, happening on… you guessed it… Friday at 4 PM. 

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, you don’t have to lift a finger. Everything is done automatically on our end through the use of cookies. You just need to make sure that your emails are sent out at the right time. 

Funnel Links

Below are the links to the most important pages of this funnel. Again, these pages have multiple variations based on actions that your prospect have made.

The following pages are the main funnel pages. There are different variations of these pages shown to the prospect, depending on their actions etc.

Webinar Signup

Pre-Webinar Website

Webinar Transcript

Webinar Replay

Checkout Page

Getting Started

To start promoting the CoinCopy Daily Wealth-Builder Briefings offer you first need to register an account on our affiliate platform. It’s easy and it shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes to set it up. Make sure you provide us with your PayPal email so we can pay your commissions.

Please bookmark the affiliate login page for future reference because you will want to return to it frequently to watch your commissions pile up.

We’ve added the affiliate tracking code to EVERY PAGE of our website (Yes, even our Monthly Giveaway pages… we’re crazy like that). This means you can direct your leads to whichever page you’d like and we are still able to credit any purchase they make to you after we put them through our entire funnel.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We understand you want to test out your links and we encourage you to do so, HOWEVER, please use a real email address when testing the links. Using a fake email address will hurt our deliverability in the long run. (PLUS, we might blacklist your IP…)

New to Affiliate Marketing? We Got You.

Affiliates are the backbone of our company so we want to take good care of you. On this special website, you will find a lot of traffic generating strategies that are working really well today. If you’re familiar with making money through affiliate marketing you will find these strategies to be extremely valuable. 

Whatever you do, don’t think lightly of these strategies. They are responsible for millions upon millions of dollars. Several of these strategies are still literally sold for thousands of dollars in other people’s courses. Again, we want you to succeed because then we succeed. So we provide you with these money-making strategies for free.

We figured that not all of our affiliates are very well known for promoting offers in an ethical and profitable way. The point being, we don’t want our affiliates to be the annoying type that spams their affiliates link all over YouTube comments :-).

So that is why we advise you to take these two courses to help you get on your way. Even Though they are 100% free, they are EXTREMELY valuable. 

And remember, we don’t just want you to succeed with just our offer. The strategies that we’ll be teaching you can be implemented in every future promotion you do (we just think ours will be the most profitable one ;-)).

We highly encourage you to go through the Affiliate Bootcamp provided by Clickfunnels. It’s FREE, but it is EXTREMELY valuable.
Or sign up for Affiliate Outrage, another FREE, but incredibly valuable course, which also offers Pre-written Email Templates and Pre-made Funnel Templates.


Meet some of our members and see how they’ve transformed their lives and incomes through our products & services.

We actively ask our customers to give us a review or update every few weeks. In this way, we can improve our products and use their feedback for promotional use.

You are free to use the testimonials for promotional use. Here, take a look:

Affiliate Rewards

Besides your recurring earnings potential which ranges between $600 and almost $1,200 per sale, you will also receive additional rewards.

We understand that contests are mostly won by those who have huge lists already, so that is exactly why we wanted to level the playing field for EVERY affiliate.

Every affiliate who made the mentioned number of sales for our $1,497 offer, will receive these rewards!

Please note, your leads have to pay the full membership up front. In case your lead chooses the payment plan option, your lead will only be counted after they paid all terms. Leads that purchase the lower-end (trial) offers will not be counted for these rewards, but will when they progress to the full price after the trial ended.

JUST 5 SALES: APPLE TV 4K ($180 Value)

(Besides potentially earning $ 6,042.00 in commissions along the way)


(Besides potentially earning $14,500.80 in commissions along the way)

JUST 20 SALES: APPLE IPHONE 12 ($1,000 Value)

(Besides potentially earning $24,168.00 in commissions along the way)

JUST 30 SALES: APPLE IMAC ($1,500 Value)

(Besides potentially earning $ 36,252.00 in commissions along the way)

JUST 50 SALES: SAMSUNG 5K QLED TV ($2,500 Value)

(Besides potentially earning $ 60,420.00 in commissions along the way)

Prizes are interchangeable with other rewards of similar value (excluding cash). You can also choose to give the value of the reward to a charity of your choosing. In that case we will send a cheque out of your name. If you choose this option we will also put in an extra 5% of the value towards the charity of your choosing.

Pre-Written Email Sequences​

As with all the affiliate products, do not forget to change the affiliate link to your own.

Make sure to change the texts to better speak to your list. These emails might be too general for your list. For example, if you have a list full of entrepreneurs we suggest altering the struggles and benefits that are mentioned in these emails.

After you have finalized the email, you can copy and paste it into your email client to send to your prospects.

IMPORTANT: Do not send these emails to people who didn’t opt-in to your emails in the first place. We do not tolerate SPAM and you will be blacklisted from promoting the service.

PRO TIP: Our opt-in form recognizes the email address from the URL parameters. When you’re promoting our links to your list we recommend you use this as it improves the opt-in rate (a lot) because the prospect doesn’t have to enter his/her email address manually.

To do this, add the following to the end of the URL you’re sending to your list: /?email={email}

So the link would be:[email protected]

Change {email} for the email from your prospect. Please contact your email client if you need help with this.


Below is a selection of static banners and images of the most common sizes. 

When using these banners make sure to add your affiliate link in the code.

COMING SOON Can’t wait? Reach out to our affiliate managers and they will notify you immediately when new banners are uploaded.

Product Images

Below is a selection of images related to our Services. You are free to use them for your social media pages, landing pages, and so on. In addition, you are free to use images from our website (like testimonials), as long as you’re using them to promote our offers.

Please change the description of these images to make sure they won’t be flagged as a duplication.

Landing Pages

When you’re promoting our offer to anything other than your current list of followers, we highly recommend you set up your own landing page (bridge page). 

This means your potential leads from paid and organic traffic (Google and YouTube Search etc.) will land on your personal landing page first before going to our landing pages. 

On this landing page, you should provide them with an incentive like a free report, ebook, or giveaway. You can use for cheap incentives and if you’d like to set up a giveaway you can use (free). 

In this way, you can build out your own list first when they provide you with their email address, which you can then nurture and use for future affiliate offers. Don’t worry, it’s incredibly easy to set up a landing page with software like ClickFunnels

Additionally, you can add all the tracking codes to your own page that you want, like the Facebook Pixel and Google Re-marketing Tag.

For your own email list, Facebook Group, and/or your organic Instagram account you don’t need to use a bridge page as these are people that already know, like, and trust you… 


Want to double your conversions (and commissions)?

BECAUSE your own list knows, likes, and trusts you we highly encourage you to set up a quick ‘bridge page’ with a video of yourself promoting the event.

If you don’t know how to set these things up, please go through the free training we’ve mentioned above. In this training, they will walk you through the process step-by-step.

We literally doubled conversions when affiliates did this (up to 87% opt-in rate) because they added a little 2-minute video.

Again, if you have the right list we’re willing to set up a bridge page for you. Just shoot a quick video promoting the masterclass and send over the video to us and we’ll add it to your personal page. 

We also highly recommend setting up a post-webinar bridge page redirecting to the checkout page. Include a few bonuses and a video of you recommending our services and you’re practically guaranteed to double conversions.

IMPORTANT: whenever you set up your own pages ALWAYS include your Privacy Policy, Contact Page, Disclaimer, and Terms and Conditions. If you don’t have these yet, you can head over to to generate them for free. 

Also, for promoting your offer on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram) you are not allowed to use a popup of any kind. Facebook will probably shut down your ads if you do this. Also, go through the advertising policies before using paid advertisements. If you post the wrong type of ad your account could be banned.

Google Ads​

Google Ads are a great way to put out your affiliate links and make a bunch of commission every month on autopilot. Using Google Ads really can make the difference in making $5,000 or $50,000 in commissions each month, and do it consistently. 

In general, most affiliates are not using Google Ads, so when you’re using them it can make a huge impact on the commission “cheques” we send you. Especially because your ads can run for months and months without you doing all that much.

Also, when you sign up for Google ads, you’re getting a $100 advertising budget for free! 

We really care about our affiliates, so that is why we decided that you are currently allowed to bid on branded keywords. This makes it much easier for you to promote our services because you can target the most ready-to-buy leads in the market.

Before starting out we advise you to check out the Google Ads Advertising Policy to make sure you are not in violation when setting up your ads. 

General best practice: Use the Google Keyword Planner or to find words that are most relevant to the page you will be promoting. 

Also, start off with really basic keywords and make sure you’re getting the best relevancy score possible. Don’t ever start out with tons of keywords, this will hurt your cost. 

Make sure your Ads headline solves their search problem and gives them a reason to click on your ad (.e.g.: Free Trial, 20% off, Extra Bonuses Added, and so on). 

Do not use a headline that says one thing and redirect them to something else. For example, if your headline says “In-Depth CoinCopy Review” and you direct them to our Masterclass opt-in page everyone will click away in seconds, and you’re just throwing away money.

Some tips:

  • Include numbers or statistics in the ad headline for a higher Click Through Rate;
  • Enable Search Network;
  • Do not use Broad Match but use Match Modifier instead;
  • Use site links, callouts, and structured snippets as they increase the size of your ad so it’s more likely to get clicked; and
  • Remove keywords you targeted that have a low Click Through Rate (“CTR”) as this lowers your “Cost Per Lead” (CPL).

PRO TIP: Try bidding really high on keywords. This kicks out competitors as they don’t want to bid the same price, resulting in less competition which could quickly lower your costs. We do advise you to combine this strategy with the “Sitelinks”, “Callouts” and “Structured Snippets” extensions in your ads. 

Make sure to put in a daily campaign budget limit so you won’t overspend. 

Instagram Influencers

You can search Instagram for pages that are similar to our service. Make money online, luxury pages, and so on work well for our type of service because in the end our service is intended for people making more money and protecting the money they have.

When you found the perfect Instagram influencer you’d like to work with you can contact them to discuss a promotional post. They will then let you know what it will cost you to put out your promotional content on their Instagram feed, stories, or both. 

When looking at an Instagram page it is important to go through their feed to the number of likes and comments they receive from each post. You can do this manually or use Tensor Social:

The amount of followers doesn’t matter as much because if no one is liking and commenting on their pictures, it’s probably not going to make you any money. Just to give you an idea: we made more money from a page with 80K followers than with one that had over 2 million followers.

It is important to scan over the influencers’ page to see if the promotion you’d like to run would work on their page. For instance, if the only thing they are posting is pictures of sports cars, and you post a picture of cryptocurrencies, it probably won’t work very well. In this case, you should use a picture with a sports car referring to finances. Be creative but make sure your image fits in someway with their audience or they will simply scroll past your sponsored video or photo.

You also want to stay away from Influencers that only have “viral content”, as this is not the right type of audience for you to promote too. Viral content is posted that get a lot of shares because they are (most likely) funny.

When scrolling through the influencer’s feed notice fonts, picture types, and even possible other products/services the influencer has posted before to see how your post should look like. If they did a previous promotion for a similar product or service feel free to ask them how they did so you know what to expect. 

Make your post as if it fits right into their feed. (you can use free tools such as for this). You can also hire someone on Fiverr to do everything for you.

TIP: When creating an ad, make sure that you have a pattern interrupt. With a pattern interrupt we simply mean that you will “stop the scroll” and have them at least read the first few sentences of your sponsored ad. This could be your image or the first sentence of the text. It means that you need to put something out there that is different from the rest of the feed. Texts based pattern interrupts that tend to work well are questions. To give you an idea: scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed and see what kind of pictures makes you want to stop and read the text.

Youtube Traffic

Organic Youtube videos are by far the easiest method to rank high on both Google and Youtube itself. 

Also, since this is an evergreen offer; the video, which you can probably film in 5 minutes or so, can produce money for you months or even years in the future. Or simply hire someone on Fiverr or Upwork to shoot a video for you – you’d be surprised how affordable this is.

Here are several types of videos you can film.

Review Videos: Lots of people who are thinking about investing in anything, including our core offer, search on Google & YouTube first before making their decision.

These type of videos are amazing because the people who watch your video are likely to have actively searched for the video, and probably have gone through our entire funnel already. They just need that extra nudge that you can provide. 

When you do this make sure to set up your own bridge page with added bonuses (here’s an example) so you can make sure the prospect will follow your link (so you get accredited with the sale and earn your commission).

Comparison Videos: You can also use this to “Hijack” views from other popular videos by making a comparison video between our service and other popular software or services. You can use VidIQ’s free Chrome plugin to see which videos on YouTube perform the best. 

Problem (How To) Videos: Another good way to get your affiliate links out on YouTube and Google is to create a video about problems people might be having. Problems like “how to trade Bitcoin”, “how to set up your BitMex account”, and so on. This works well because you provided value first to your leads and then nudge them into our landing page. You can use VidIQ again to see which kinds of videos perform well and you can then make the same kind of video which goes more in-depth. Specific video titles like “how I made $423.23 in 6 minutes on Bitcoin” work extremely well because they entice people to want to learn more.

Also, these type of How To videos related to crypto are great because people searching for these beginner videos are the same people that would get a lot of benefit out of our services.

As with all promotions you’re doing for us, do not forget to include your link in the description of the video. We advise you to use your own landing page to capture the person’s email address before sending them over to our offer. In this way, you can nurture them through email.

TIP: Combine your own landing page with your personal extra bonuses (see “Additional Promotion Ideas”) and you become unstoppable.

TIP: When uploading your own videos on YouTube, also upload them to DailyMotion to ‘cover more ground’.

Youtube paid ads are still so incredibly underutilized. Businesses that talk about business-related opportunities are great to target, together with Amazon, Shopify, Affiliate Marketing, Self-improvement, Trading in General (stocks, bonds, and so on). We’ve also seen incredible results from audiences in the Real Estate Investment niche.

In the end, you need to find the audience that is out to make a (financial) change for themselves. People searching for the above-mentioned videos are all out to do just that.

Again, if you don’t want to shoot a video yourself simply hire someone from Fiverr or Upwork and you could probably put out your video in the next 24 hours.

Additional Promotional Ideas​

Because this is an evergreen promotion, we highly encourage you to take your time to set everything up so your promotional material can make money for you months in the future. 

Here are a couple of additional ideas to use when promoting our offer.

With solo ads, you basically rent somebody else’s email list. It is important to note that you won’t be spamming the people that are on that list. The owner of the list nurtures his email list and sends paid advertisement once in a while. 

And that’s where you come in. You can “rent” his list for incredibly low prices. Simply contact the solo ads provider, discuss pricing and let him send out your affiliate link to his red-hot list. 

We do not recommend you purchase solo ads from Facebook Groups, Solo Ad Forums, or Fiverr as you do not have any support and they tend to be either very low quality or they’re simply out to scam you out of your money.

There are plenty of websites where you can purchase solo ads, but the ones we have had a good experience with are:
Udimi (multiple providers):
Igor Kheifets:
Traffic For Me:

Always first contact the Solo Ads provider before purchasing anything. You can also choose to do a test run first with a smaller group of targeted people.

TIP: You could also send an email to list owners that aren’t actively promoting Solo Ads. For example, people whose list you are on. Simply reach out to them and discuss with them the opportunity to both profits from pushing this promotion out to their list.

Do you want to know how most successful affiliates make such high commissions? It’s because they offer bonuses. Period. Their bonuses are the reason why people buy through their links instead of directly through the website itself. 

When you’re just starting out we highly recommend purchasing PLR products. PLR stands for “Private Label Rights”, meaning you can purchase these products for a few dollars and then give them away for free. These are products that are made by a third party but you can use them to give away as part of our offer.

The more bonuses you offer, the more likely it is your leads will purchase through your link. 

Here’s a list of the 100 best PLR websites out there. 

Additionally, you can go on Fiverr to have other people create eBooks, courses, and so on.

Some additional ideas to give away as a bonus:

  • Give your leads your own products. For instance, if you’re personally selling a $297 product and you’re giving it away for free, you still make almost $300 on the low-end (or give them a part of your service or course, or access to your service for free for the first 30 days, and so on. Be creative).
  • Since you’re getting a massive commission from us you could also offer physical products like t-shirts, mugs, books on investing, and so on. Be creative. Because let’s be honest, isn’t it worth spending $50 – $100 on bonuses when you’re getting almost $1,000 back?!
  • If you’re familiar with the cryptocurrency niche you could give them a 30-minute consultation.

By the way, with the physical products, we advise you to give them to your leads when the money-back guarantee is over. This way you don’t have to spend a dime on physical products without making sure you’re getting your commission in return. 

The great thing about this strategy is that you can include it in any promotion you do, including Youtube, emails, Instagram, and blog posts. 

Add a pop-up directly onto your website which opens up when people land on any of your pages (organic visitors only, no paid advertising). We advise you to invite people straight to our Masterclass Opt-in page, as this has the best chance at resulting in a happy lead and quick commission cheque.

You might also use an “Exit Pop-up”, which quickly opens up when people try to leave your website, inviting them to our Giveaway as a last resort. We can then nurture them and invite them for our Masterclass later on. 

Depending on the type of website you run and the number of monthly visitors, this can give an enormous boost to your commission stream.

You can use Poptin to create your free Popup today and easily add it to your site.

When working with a small budget Quora is a great way to begin making some money. Quora is a free website where people can ask questions. Random people that know the niche where the question is asked will go in and answer the question. Quora is great because the posts are indexed by Google Search.

It is very important to really help out the person for who you are answering the question. Don’t just randomly throw in your affiliate link here. Nobody is going to click on any of your links if you not providing value first. So, value first, then nudge them into our landing pages. 

Telegram is a messaging app that is used a lot in the cryptocurrency niche. Almost every crypto trader and investor has a telegram account. If you want to leverage Telegram we advise you to go on Fiverr and search for “Telegram Promotion”. You can reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people for a relatively small amount of money. 

It is important to ask for proof of work and to check if the audience is right (English speaking for instance) before working with the promoter. Make sure the people they are promoting to really are on their list, and that they don’t just randomly spam Telegram Groups (or are using fake bots to make it look like they have a big list).

If you’re already selling a course or service, whether free or paid, this is a great way to boost your sales, without annoying your customers with yet another upsells or down-sell. 

Simply mention that you’ve got an “extra” bonus for everybody who signed up and directs them to our masterclass option. Your customers will love the value you give them and when they buy you potentially bump up your Average Order Value with one small link. 

Together with Telegram, Reddit might be one of the mediums where most of the cryptocurrency discussion burst out. 

As with all of our means of promoting, but especially with Reddit, make sure you provide enough value. Do not EVER just spam your link. It will get you banned, both from Reddit as well as from our affiliate program. Be ethical. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands of Facebook groups that are free to join. Many of them have several thousands of potential leads in them. We encourage you to think brought. 

Don’t just think about cryptocurrency/investment/make-money-online related groups. For example, you could also search for Marketing/Affiliate related Facebook Groups to promote your Sub-Affiliate links so that you can get passive income through all your Sub-affiliates that are actively promoting the offer (10% on all their sales without you lifting a finger).

You can also set up your niche Instagram page. This is great because you can advertise other affiliate offers to make you even more money. You can very quickly grow your Instagram page from 0 – 10K followers using ‘Engagement PODS’. These are basically groups where people like each other’s posts. The best groups can be found on Telegram. Simply Google ‘Instagram Engagement PODS’ and you can find dozens of groups to enter for free. (Yes they’re free, just make sure you do like the other members’ posts too or you will be kicked out).

Write a specific blog post on our services. You can also hire someone from Fiverr or Upwork to do it for you, or simply purchase ready-made crypto articles. You can then add the blogposts to for more exposure. You can also hire someone from Fiverr or Upwork to have them share your blog post to multiple sources. Again, it’s really cheap and it will get you a lot more traffic.


Every serious affiliate knows the importance of tracking your links for the highest ROI (Return on Investment). We highly encourage you to use ClickMagick to track your online efforts and make sure your get the highest bang for your buck. 

ClickMagick offers over 120 features to track, test & improve your marketing efforts. It is by far the most commonly used tracking software used by top affiliates all over the world.

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Just click on the questions below you want answered

Obviously, we value our affiliates and we pay you handsomely for your efforts. But I assume you’re not asking the question for these reasons since you read through the whole page already.

The reason you ask this question is probably that you want to ensure the people on your list don’t get dragged into some shady program.

And we get it.

We do everything in our power to ensure our members receive actual value from our service. Instead of giving them a Ferrari, we give them the Ferrari, the keys, and a qualified driver with years of experience to drive them around. We don’t just give our members a course and then let them try it out in the markets, but instead, we give them value every single day.

Currently, we offer all of our members two iron-clad guarantees. The first guarantee is an unconditional money-back guarantee. Nothing fancy there but it gives members the possibility to dip their toe in the waters – so to speak.

The second one, however, guarantees our members that their investment with us will be a profitable one. One way or the other. It simply states that if we can’t give them the chance to make at least 10 times (1,000%) on their initial investment, they’ll get a second year for free and even get $100 just for trying us out.

And we don’t just stop there. We have invested thousands of dollars in our support team to ensure our members are well-taken care of in the moment of need. We also survey our throughout their membership to find ways to better fit our service with their needs.

And our members love us. Just take a look at the success stories here.

Awesome! Of course, we’d love to have them on board and make a bigger impact in the world together.

That’s why we offer a Tier 2 affiliate commission structure. This means you’ll get 10% from every sale your downline makes. The more sales they make, the more money you will make.

*The sales your downline makes do not count for the rewards roadmap.

Important note: We only offer Tier 1 and Tier 2 affiliates to ensure the focus is on selling the service and not on recruitment. 

Want to discuss your needs and wants? Simply send us an email at [email protected]

The quick answer is: No. Unfortunately, we’ve had the problem of affiliates signing up just to gain access to our services for free.

The long answer, however, is that you can qualify to get access to everything for free. To qualify you have to share your affiliate credentials with us.

This could be anything, ranging from your Youtube channel, Telegram channel, Instagram account, email list, or even an old PPC campaign you ran in the last couple of months.

We will then, if you qualify, give you unrestricted access for one month to test the waters.

On top of that, if you made 10 sales or more inside a 30-day timeframe you will receive unrestricted access for free for one year (actual value $1,497).

If you think you will qualify, please send an email to our affiliate managers at [email protected]

Please see the upsell and downsell sequence on this page to see the exact figures.

We’re currently working on multiple back-end products. Your lead is yours for as long as they remain a customer. Every product they buy in the future will result in you receiving a commission as well. 

Yes, you can and you don’t have to ask us for permission, as long as you are using the materials to promote your affiliate link. You are NOT allowed to alter the images in any way without prior consent. 

Yes, you are allowed to do this, but initially only to our purchase thank you page.

We do not allow codes that can be used to build personal custom audiences, e.g. Google Ads Remarketing or Facebook Pixels unless you qualify.

Please reach out to our affiliate managers at [email protected] to have them install your code or to discuss personal requirements. 

Prizes are interchangeable with other rewards of similar value. We do not offer cash payouts.

You can also choose to give the value of the reward to a charity of your choosing. In that case, we will send a cheque out of your name. If you choose this option we will also put in an extra 5% of the value towards the charity of your choosing.

Got more than 50 sales? Contact our affiliate managers and they will tell you about a milestone you can hit. We’re not done after 50 sales 😉

No problem, we understand that this can happen. Please send our affiliate managers an email at [email protected] and after we got confirmation from your referral, we’ll manually add them to your account. 

No. Self-referrals are strictly prohibited. Our affiliate program is not meant as a way to get our services at a discount. It’s aimed to encourage our affiliates to spread the word about our products.

Our Affiliate Cookies are set to “expire in 9999 days”, so you may earn commissions days into the future from the leads you send to our website.

(even if your leads purchases 9998 days and 23 hours from the day he/she hits our website the first time, we will still pay you your commission.)

Your lead is tracked across all of their devices – If they watch our webinar on their phone but make the purchase at the office, you still get paid what is rightfully yours.

Also, once your lead becomes a member you will receive a commission on all future purchases …when your customer buys a $1,997 course after a year, you’ll receive 40% of that purchase as well. This might be the easiest money you’ll ever make 😉

As long as your lead has given us their email address the lead is credited to you.

If your lead hasn’t given us their email and clears their browser we cannot track them anymore until they hit our page again through your link.

So even if there isn’t a Cookie on their computer when they purchase our service, you can still earn a commission.

All payouts are currently processed every month. We’ll email you when the payout is completed.

If you’re a veteran paid-ad affiliate, contact our affiliate managers and we can process your payouts even quicker to help you scale quicker with your ads!

Yes, this is possible but it depends on your payout amount. If your payout is high enough we could even pay you in Bitcoin (Yay, cryptocurrency). Please contact our affiliate managers to discuss the possibilities. 

You are able to see the in-depth information about which links are working best in your affiliate dashboard.

Additionally (and highly recommended) you can use UTM tags to get even more information about your promotions. You can use websites like for this. If you want more information please use Google Search as there are hundreds of tutorials out there.

Contact Us

If you didn’t find what you are looking for our affiliate managers are here and ready to discuss any questions, concerns or collaboration ideas you might have.

We are willing to work with you. No question or suggestion is too crazy for us IF you have the right list or marketing ideas.

Also, If you have the right list, we’re willing to set up personalized funnels and email sequences for you to promote it specifically to your list. 

This includes personalized webinar introductions and landing page videos by you. 

IF you have a good connection with your list this tends to improve sales extremely well and will skyrocket conversions (and sales).

Please feel free to reach out to us directly via our email [email protected]. Our dedicated affiliates care team will reply back to you as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please do not contact us through Facebook Messenger or Live Chat with affiliate related questions as our Affiliate Managers do not manage the Messenger inbox. Also make sure you’ve read through the whole page to ensure your question has not already been answered.

PLEASE do everything you can to resolve your issue BEFORE reaching out to our affiliate managers. We do not reply to general questions that could easily be answered with a Google Search as this limits us in helping other people.

We take your privacy very serious. By sending us a message you agree with our Privacy Policy

Recurring Commissions!

$1,497 * 40% = $598,80 Each year

OR One-time: $2,497 * 40% = $998.80


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