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Join the CoinCopy Affiliate Program and let us ship you brand new Apple products and a Samsung 8K QLED TV for FREE

Earn 40% recurring commissions from our desired high ticket ($1,497 & $2,497) subscription sales, AND rewards for ALL affiliates

+ Get Your Tier 2 Affiliate Link to get 10% of EVERY sale your downline makes... FOR LIFE!

The Bottom Line Is This: You just have to send leads to our high converting evergreen funnels and we'll turn them into huge paychecks for you! 

You're subscribers will love us, and so will you.
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Check Out These Recent Metrics!

(Note that these figures do not represent an Affiliate’s profit, as they do not consider expenses incurred by an Affiliate in the promotion of his/her business.)

Avg. Cart Value:
Avg. Webinar Conversion:
Max. $ Per Sale**
Avg. $ Per Registrant*
Avg. Refund Rate:
< 7%
Avg. Att. Value*:

* The $ Per Registrant and Average Attendee Value below are based on what is important for you, which are Affiliate Commissions. In other words… these metrics are calculated based on YOUR 40% cut of each sale and NOT the overall price. Average Attendee includes follow-up and attendees of the replay.

** Max & Per Sale on first time purchase only.

Please take A Few Short minutes to read trough this page and discover how you to can tap into the power of the cryptocurrency rage - without investing in it (even though we think you should... 😉) & earn huge monthly commission checks virtually on auto-pilot...

First, off we believe it is important to let you know that we take your leads VERY seriously. This is NOT the kind of affiliate program where you make a big commission one time and search for the next offer to promote. 

We’re out to make you (and ourselves) money month after month, year after year.

We’ve spent an enormous amount of time, energy, and money on our services, and now we’ve opened it to the public to promote!

The services our company offers will grow, and with it will your commissions. Because as you know, we offer a LIFETIME cookie. Meaning that you’ll get 40% of EVERY purchase your leads makes in the future.

While our company is registered in The Netherlands, our team of veteran traders, ex hedge-fund employees & hi-tech professionals work from multiple time zones. We have a team of six highly skilled traders & long-term investors on board with a combined experience of 83+ years.

This gives your leads an incredible advantage, because not only will they get extensive knowledge from multiple teams of professionals around the globe, they will also have someone looking out over their investments 24/7. This way we ensure your leads won’t miss out on any money-making opportunities that may arise.

We believe that our members are the best person to decide how to manage their money. We NEVER hold any of their money, and they remain in complete control of their funds at all times with maximum security. 

Our flagship product is the Daily Wealth-Builder Briefings. That’s also the main offer you will be promoting. Your leads will receive an extensive amount of value from us. 

So… If you’d like to earn an extra $1,200, $12,000, or even $25,000 (or more…) per month simply by spreading the word about CoinCopy, click the button below, and let’s get started!

We’re excited to get you on board and we can’t wait for our partnership to grow. We’re confident that you will love the conversions you get from our funnels!

We Are Confident That We Bring Massive Value To Our Customers. We Even Guarantee The Success To Our Members...

We are one of the only service of this kind in the world guaranteeing that our service works up to one year – making this an extremely easy sell for you as an affiliate.

Our guarantee gives your leads the security that their investment in us will be a profitable one: If we can’t give them a chance to at least 10X (1,000%) their initial investment within one year, they’ll get a second year for free, AND receive $100 on their PayPal account… Just for giving it a try…

…Even if we “just” gave them a chance on a 999% return.

You, however, will get your commission within days from your lead becoming a member.

Secondly, we offer all new members an unconditional 7 days “Love it or Leave It” Guarantee. This means they get to try everything out risk free, and if they aren’t 100% thrilled with everything they’re getting… just one quick email and we’ll refund them – no questions asked, no strings attached.

Oh, and this also means you don’t have to wait for 30, 60 or even 90 days before your affiliate commission lands in your account. 

That’s more than fair, don’t you agree?

The Funnel That's Making YOU Money.
Just Send Us Traffic We'll Cover Everything Else...

We are heavily invested in our funnels. In the end, this is the most important aspect of converting your leads into raving fans of our service (…and being able to send YOU commission).

We use multiple types of landing pages that are proven to work in 2020 and beyond. If your lead doesn’t go through our Quiz Funnel, you can direct them to our Monthly Giveaway, and so on. We don’t rely on just one method to get your lead into our funnels.

The main focus of our funnels is our masterclass (webinar funnel with a pre-webinar ‘indoctrination’ sequence), which eventually sells our Daily Wealth-Builder Briefings annual membership at a $1,497 price point, with a $997 upsell for a lifetime membership. 

And even though the masterclass is evergreen we update it every time major news comes out that affects the cryptocurrency industry to ensure natural scarcity (like we did with the halving for instance – major sales booster).

The moment your leads hit one of our pages they are tagged with multiple marketing beacons for retargeting purposes.

Also, as soon as they opt-in for our free content they go through an extensive email and remarketing sequence. We re-engage your leads through Ads, Text Messages, Facebook Messenger, Push notifications, and E-mail Sequences.

Even though we do sell courses, the main focus of our company is our Daily Wealth-Builder Briefings membership, which is a done-for-you service. This opens up the possibility for us to give away amazing content stacked with value for free without hurting our bottom line… 

Even if your lead doesn’t purchase anything (yet), they will love you just for giving them access to all of our free content.

It couldn’t be easier.

Your Potential Earnings:

(Click the image to enlarge)

Monthly Payment plans are paid to the affiliate on a month to month basis. The earnings potential that is mentioned is the total amount of commissions you will receive when all payments are made. 

The Main Funnel:

Affiliates Are The Backbone Of Our Company
That's Why We Reward ALL Of Them

Besides your recurring earnings potential, which ranges between almost $600 and almost $1,000 per sale, you will also receive additional rewards.

We understand that contests are mostly won by those who have huge lists already, so that is exactly why we wanted to level the playing field for EVERY affiliate.

EVERY affiliate who made the mentioned number of sales for our $1,497 offer, will receive these rewards!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Leads have to pay the full membership in front. In case your lead chooses the payment plan option, your lead will only be counted AFTER they paid all terms. Leads that buy the lower-end (trial) offers will not be counted for these rewards.

JUST 5 SALES: APPLE TV 4K ($180 Value)

(Besides potentially earning $ 6,042.00 in commissions along the way)


(Besides potentially earning $ 14,500.80 in commissions along the way)

JUST 20 SALES: APPLE IPHONE 12 ($1,000 Value)

(Besides potentially earning $ 24,168.00 in commissions along the way)

JUST 30 SALES: APPLE IMAC ($1,500 Value)

(Besides potentially earning $36,252.00 in commissions along the way)

JUST 50 SALES: SAMSUNG 5K QLED TV ($2,500 Value)

(Besides potentially earning $ 60,420.00 in commissions along the way)

Prizes are interchangeable with other rewards of similar value (excluding cash). You can also choose to give the value of the reward to a charity of your choosing. In that case we will send a cheque out of your name. If you choose this option we will also put in an extra 5% of the value towards the charity of your choosing.

Your Leads Are Yours... fOREVER

Our Affiliate Program is conducted on a top-notch Affiliate Tracking System, which uses Affiliate Cookies, meaning that traffic sent to our website via your personal affiliate link will result in your Affiliate ID being associated with the visitor.

Your lead is tracked across all of their devices – If they watch our webinar on their phone but make the purchase at the office, you still get paid what is rightfully yours.

Our Affiliate Cookies are set to expire in 9999 days, so you may earn commissions days (or even years) into the future from the leads you send to our website.

Also, once your lead becomes a member you will receive a commission on ALL future purchases …When your customer buys a $1,997 course or service after a year, you’ll receive 40% of that purchase as well. 

Imagine Getting Thousands Of Dollars In Your PayPal Account Every Single Month

We know how important it is for you to get paid on time. After all, if you don’t get paid, you can’t run paid advertising anymore – which in the end hurts us both.

So we make sure you get paid on time, every single month.

But, if you’re the kind of affiliate who can scale up to daily advertising budgets in the likes of $5,000, we’re here to help you. Just send a message to our affiliate managers and they will make sure you’re getting paid every single week

This way you can scale your marketing as fast as possible, without spending a dime out of your own pocket. 

Payouts are conveniently paid through PayPal, giving your immediate access to your cash.

Don't Know Where to Begin? We've Got You Covered With Professional Training Materials

Our service does really well in the “make money online” and financial niches. However, not all of our affiliates have lists that are even close to those two. (Our top affiliate actually only had affiliate offers running in the health niche and another only in the fishing niche).

We make it possible for all affiliates to make massive commissions because we don’t just give you an affiliate link to fight for yourself, and rely on trial & error. We equip you with proven materials and traffic driving methods used by the best affiliates in the world.

And it’s easy too since your only job is to direct leads to one of the first pages in our funnel. You don’t have to worry about copy, funnels, webinars, or even retargeting (even though that would obviously increase your sales)…

And if you can’t figure something out on your own… Our affiliate managers are just one email away.

Here Are Just A Couple Of Reasons Why You Should Start Promoting Us Today:

Imagine What An Extra Annual Paycheck Of $49,940 Will Do For You And Your Family

…And then realize it just takes you 50 sales to get there!

Click the button below and fill out the registration form on the next page. You will find your affiliate link in the Affiliate Center, along with all the swipe files and promotional material you need to hit the ground running. 

Setup takes just a few minutes and you’ll be able to start promoting us in no-time. 

We’ve done all the work for you already. Just send us the traffic, we’ll do the rest!

Got Questions Or Suggestions?
We're Willing To Work With You!

If you didn’t find what you are looking for, our affiliate managers are here and ready to discuss any questions, concerns or collaboration ideas you might have.

We are willing to work with you. No question or suggestion is too crazy for us, IF you have the right list or marketing ideas.

ALSO, If you have the right list, we’re willing to setup personalized funnels and email sequences for you to promote it specifically to your list and specific customer avatar.

This includes personalized webinar introductions and landing page videos by you. 

IF you have a good connection with your list this tends to improve sales extremely well and will skyrocket conversions (more money in your pocket).

Please feel free to reach out to us directly via our email [email protected]. Our dedicated affiliate manager will reply back to you as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please do not contact us through Facebook Messenger or Live Chat with affiliate related questions as our Affiliate Managers do not manage the chat inbox. Also make sure you’ve read through the whole page to ensure your question has not already been answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just click on the questions below you want answered

Obviously, we value our affiliates and we pay you handsomely for your efforts. But I assume you’re not asking the question for these reasons since you read through the whole page already.

The reason you ask this question is probably that you want to ensure the people on your list don’t get dragged into some shady program.

And we get it.

We do everything in our power to ensure our members receive actual value from our service. Instead of giving them a Ferrari, we give them the Ferrari, the keys, and a qualified driver with years of experience to drive them around. We don’t just give our members a course and then let them try it out in the markets, but instead, we give them value every single day.

Currently, we offer all of our members two iron-clad guarantees. The first guarantee is an unconditional money-back guarantee. Nothing fancy there but it gives members the possibility to dip their toe in the waters – so to speak.

The second one, however, guarantees our members that their investment with us will be a profitable one. One way or the other. It simply states that if we can’t give them the chance to make at least 10 times (1,000%) on their initial investment, they’ll get a second year for free and even get $100 just for trying us out.

And we don’t just stop there. We have invested thousands of dollars in our support team to ensure our members are well-taken care of in the moment of need. We also survey our throughout their membership to find ways to better fit our service with their needs.

And our members love us. Just take a look at the success stories here.

Awesome! Of course, we’d love to have them on board and make a bigger impact in the world together.

That’s why we offer a Tier 2 affiliate commission structure. This means you’ll get 10% from every sale your downline makes. The more sales they make, the more money you will make.

*The sales your downline makes do not count for the rewards roadmap.

Important note: We only offer Tier 1 and Tier 2 affiliates to ensure the focus is on selling the service and not on recruitment. 

Want to discuss your needs and wants? Simply send us an email at [email protected]

The quick answer is: No. Unfortunately, we’ve had the problem of affiliates signing up just to gain access to our services for free.

The long answer, however, is that you can qualify to get access to everything for free. To qualify you have to share your affiliate credentials with us.

This could be anything, ranging from your Youtube channel, Telegram channel, Instagram account, email list, or even an old PPC campaign you ran in the last couple of months.

We will then, if you qualify, give you unrestricted access for one month to test the waters.

On top of that, if you made 10 sales or more inside a 30-day timeframe you will receive unrestricted access for free for one year (actual value $1,497).

If you think you will qualify, please send an email to our affiliate managers at [email protected]

Please see the upsell and downsell sequence on this page to see the exact figures.

We’re currently working on multiple back-end products. Your lead is yours for as long as they remain a customer. Every product they buy in the future will result in you receiving a commission as well. 

Yes, you can and you don’t have to ask us for permission, as long as you are using the materials to promote your affiliate link. You are NOT allowed to alter the images in any way without prior consent. 

Yes, you are allowed to do this, but initially only to our purchase thank you page.

We do not allow codes that can be used to build personal custom audiences, e.g. Google Ads Remarketing or Facebook Pixels unless you qualify.

Please reach out to our affiliate managers at [email protected] to have them install your code or to discuss personal requirements. 

Prizes are interchangeable with other rewards of similar value. We do not offer cash payouts.

You can also choose to give the value of the reward to a charity of your choosing. In that case, we will send a cheque out of your name. If you choose this option we will also put in an extra 5% of the value towards the charity of your choosing.

Got more than 50 sales? Contact our affiliate managers and they will tell you about a milestone you can hit. We’re not done after 50 sales 😉

No problem, we understand that this can happen. Please send our affiliate managers an email at [email protected] and after we got confirmation from your referral, we’ll manually add them to your account. 

No. Self-referrals are strictly prohibited. Our affiliate program is not meant as a way to get our services at a discount. It’s aimed to encourage our affiliates to spread the word about our products.

Our Affiliate Cookies are set to “expire in 9999 days”, so you may earn commissions days into the future from the leads you send to our website.

(even if your leads purchases 9998 days and 23 hours from the day he/she hits our website the first time, we will still pay you your commission.)

Your lead is tracked across all of their devices – If they watch our webinar on their phone but make the purchase at the office, you still get paid what is rightfully yours.

Also, once your lead becomes a member you will receive a commission on all future purchases …when your customer buys a $1,997 course after a year, you’ll receive 40% of that purchase as well. This might be the easiest money you’ll ever make 😉

As long as your lead has given us their email address the lead is credited to you.

If your lead hasn’t given us their email and clears their browser we cannot track them anymore until they hit our page again through your link.

So even if there isn’t a Cookie on their computer when they purchase our service, you can still earn a commission.

All payouts are currently processed every month. We’ll email you when the payout is completed.

If you’re a veteran paid-ad affiliate, contact our affiliate managers and we can process your payouts even quicker to help you scale quicker with your ads!

Yes, this is possible but it depends on your payout amount. If your payout is high enough we could even pay you in Bitcoin (Yay, cryptocurrency). Please contact our affiliate managers to discuss the possibilities. 

You are able to see the in-depth information about which links are working best in your affiliate dashboard.

Additionally (and highly recommended) you can use UTM tags to get even more information about your promotions. You can use websites like for this. If you want more information please use Google Search as there are hundreds of tutorials out there.

Our Customers Love Us, And So Will You!

Meet some of our members and see how they’ve transformed their lives and incomes through our products & services. 

We actively ask our customers to give us a review or update every few weeks. This way we can improve our products and use their feedback for promotional use. 

You are free to use the testimonials for promotional use. 


Recurring Commissions!

$1,497 * 40% = $598,80 Each year

OR One-time: $2,497 * 40% = $998.80

+ 10% of any sale your downline makes... (Tier 2)

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