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Review Instructions Guide

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Don't know what to say in your review?

If you’re having a bit of trouble figuring out what to say, we get it. We’ve been there to. 

So here’s a super simple formula for making your testimonial.

Here’s the formula:

1. BEFORE = The Challenge you had BEFORE getting CoinCopy services.
The “AHA” or change that happened when you used CoinCopy services.
3. AFTER =
The RESULT you got.

For example…

BEFORE: “I always wanted a way to supplement my income either part time or full time and make a living from home but I didn’t know where to start. I was overwhelmed, thought it would take forever, and would be super hard.

DURING: But then I found CoinCopy Daily Wealth-Builder Briefings. What a goldmine! They showed me step by step how to get fast profits, daily, almost every day of the week – using simple “copy” and “paste” instructions.

AFTER: I can’t believe it, but I’m now able to cut years off your learning curve – what should’ve taken me years and years to learn and develop has been shortcutted to just a few minutes a day.

As you can see, it’s nothing fancy. Follow the formula and just be you when you write it or video it.

Thank you in advance for taking a few moments to do the testimonial. Your success story will truly help and inspire other people that are hesitant to take MASSIVE action, just like you did.

Facebook​ - How To Write A Review

From our Facebook page (click the link below)
  • Log in or sign up if you haven’t already;
  • Find the “Recommendations” widget in the body of the page and click “YES” to recommend us (OR find the “Reviews” tab in the sidebar)
  • Leave additional feedback at the prompt and click “Post”
  • “Like” our page if you want to stay connected with us!

Click Here To Leave Your Review On Facebook

Thank you! You’re awesome! 😁

Google - How To Write A Review

From the link we provided you with (also below):
  • If prompted, sign up or log in;
  • Leave your rating and feedback;
  • Click post to share with others.

Click Here To Leave Your Review On Google

Thank you! You’re awesome! 😁

Trustpilot - How To Write A Review

From the link we provided you with (also below this post):
  • Rate by clicking on the stars;
  • Leave your feedback in the prompt;
  • Login with your Google or Facebook account OR use an email address;
  • Post your review and confirm it by clicking on the link in your email.

Click Here To Leave Your Review On Trustpilot

Thank you! You’re awesome! 😁

How to Send Us Your Testimonial Video

Step #1: Here’s how to shoot the video

The easiest way is to just use your smartphone!

Hold up your phone, hit record, answer these quick questions and call it a day 🙂

  • Question #1: Are you enjoying the services we provide?
  • Question #2: In a sentence or two, what would you say to other investors/traders about what our services have done for you?
  • Question #3: What is the biggest thing / impact our service(s) has had on you? (both in your private life as well as your financial status). 
  • Question #4: What would you say to someone who is on the fence about getting started with any of our services?

Alternatively, you can use the “Don’t know what to say in your review” script at the top of this page.

Just be yourself and don’t worry about any um’s or ah’s or mistakes. We can edit those out if you’d like us to do that. 

If you don’t want to be named just let us know and we’ll make your name unrecognizable. 

Step #2: Here’s how to Send it to us

When you do a video, you can send it to us for free via – which is super easy to use. Just go to, enter your email, enter our email ([email protected]), upload your video and click send. That’s it!

(If you want to send us a Dropbox link or use Google Drive, you can use those too.) 

Just send it to us at [email protected]

Thank you! You’re awesome! 😁

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